Thursday, 29 January 2009


Speill Berg here. I've just finished a remix for the 'OLO Remixed (Volume 1)' collection which should see the light of day sometime soon-ish. This is my 1st attempt at doing a remix. I kind of pushed, squashed, and squeezed various bits 'n bobs of the 'Bare Foot' tracks 'Don't Touch Baby' & 'I Shot Shrieff' together. It's a mess.

You can download for free on my blog...HERE.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


..And we did!Our Manager Chuck Head has booked us two more cracking gigs with a load bands we really love! Cheers Chuck!! More on these gigs to come in the next few weeks when they finally get confirmed. In case you havn't heard of Chuck Head before it's because he doesn't really like the limelight and asked us not to mention him much. HERE is a link to when we first announced him as our manager back in 2007 and HERE he is on stage with us in Cardiff. He's told us to tell you that we are an AMAZING BAND & ARE GOING TO THE TOP!

Trust Chuck!



Tuesday, 27 January 2009


"borderline mental"!?
"serial blogging"!??
"wonk pop"!?


See the poster we designed HERE.


1st little sample to download...

Speill Berg - 'Mini Movie A'


Eye know nothing, eye have nothing to lose, eye ear the nightmare sounds.

This is JJJH speaking here. I am now SPEILL BERG. Hello! I'm gonna be making music on my own to see what happens.

Visit the SPEILL BERG blog for more info and stuff.

SPEILL BERG on myspace.

Friday, 23 January 2009


We just booked Scotland!

Fence Homegame Festival - April 17, 18, 19th 2009.

More details to come over the next few months.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

THE NEXT GIG (Supporting Wild Beasts)

The OLO designed poster below. There may be an 'official' one to come soon?

Weeeeeeeeee!! We are playing with Wild Beasts!! Below are the details of our next gig (and only one we have planned at the moment)..

Thurs 19th Feb '09

Wild Beasts
Napoleon IIIrd
OLO Worms

@ The Louisiana, Bristol
7.30pm / £7.50 (although if you contact us we'll stick you on the £5 guest list)

There will be new songs.
There will be all new (or no) visuals.
There will be new clothes.

Will we see you!??

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


CLICK HERE to see the rest of this set of photos over at OLOEXTRA.
Visit Junkins blog for more recent away day photos, gig reviews, and stuff.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


i am sat here on my computer. just had an a bit overwhelming but Ill try and look at us in a wide open space spelling out Y I S O like YMCA. old style 'nonsense'. stood loooking a bit awkward in the background. remember 'ting' vid we were working on ages ago that we never finished and it sort of became that visual thing for 'plankton' dj night. really simple and manageable - AT LAST! don't sit too awkwardly. we need to crack on asap .

AT THIS MOMENT in time these are my thoughts on monday 19th 2009.
collect together little funny bits (think polite chatting about mortgages and pets) 'Cannibal' up a run of cheap vinyl. Funnily enough I had been thinking along similar lines but I was thinking.
davey lynch eat your heart out! i wanted to put it somewhere in this diary/plan. putting out 'inbetweenies' i dont mean literally i mean that in a nasty way . ok fair enough. im will be zipped!!
we should do the stripped down gk stuff so hold your horses . i am interested in reviving it..ha! we all dont have to be 100% behind EVERYTHING at this stage. its adding extra pressure and expectation if we set ourselves fairly straight forward. Then a more songy type theory to let go and record ANYTHING we want then sit down.
a buzz. but then it mentions elastic waist in brackets where it says bronski.
just an annoying woman dancing..dont ask why mr toad, its all exciting though aint it. Im going to make another jed pitman 1 minute wonder.what am I trying to say.....?
i've been chatting ALOT to gareth in the last 30mins.maybe we should let mark and gareth read all this now and hear their thoughts. i need to get out the house too. we've ballsed up by not putting out 'D Reg Car', 'Jenga Door Drop' or 'Jenga Door Stop' ,'The Long Winded Lobster League' ,'O Private Parts', ' i think im developing some kind of'', 'Diaganal In Bed', 'Grub Moves' ,'Onion Banjo', 'My Own Cheerleader'.
COME ON!...FAMOUS LAST WORDS. but what the hell.


OLO Worms

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Thursday, 15 January 2009


One of the Worms wrote this today..

"Alright Saddlebags!!!!
I get in from work 6:15pm
I relax for 30 mins. drink tea etc.. (6:45)
Cook dinner, 30 mins (7:15)
Eat dinner, 20 mins (7:35)
Let it go down, discuss events/hot topics with *****, 25 mins (8:00)
nap. which, by the way, is what i should be doing now! You're ruining nap time!!!!!
wake up (9:30)
feed fish, brush Pierre, clean Pierre's eyes, clean my eyes, wash Pierre's bum, wash my bum, 30 mins (10:00)
bath/shower usually both, 30 mins (10:30)
Bed 10:30pm
Get up 6:15 go to work 7:15etc..."

Friday, 9 January 2009


Today we received this message from our American friend Megan..

"This (OLO Worms 'Don't Touch Baby' Portmaneau Remix) will be played on the AM radio in the Philadelphia neighborhoods and also at an event at the gallery we are having tomorrow".

Thanks Megan.


We've been pulled apart! We have stuck up 6 NEW OLO Worms remixes for you to have a listen to..

> 'Don't Touch Baby' - Portmanteau Remix
> 'Tortoise Shell' - Freeze Puppy Remix
> 'I Shot Shrieff' - Jonnie Common Remix
> 'Germs Stand Up (parts 6,17,25,4,18,21,22,27,24,7,20,15,19,11,12,16,3,13,26,5,23,9,14,10,8) tephrochronological doctorate (chapters I–LXXXV; addenda)
- Twocsinak Remix
> 'Guess Who Garden' - Mr Minimax Remix
> 'Concerning The Girls Of The World' - Thms Remix

CLICK HERE to listen to them.

There's still another 7 remixes which we're holding back and more in production. All of these plus the other 6 will be up on our new upcoming website for you to download for free. We'll also be compiling our favourite remixes for a future release of some sort.

*The image above isn't the finished artwork. We'll be posting that up on the new website.

If you still wanna remix us you can. Visit this webpage and download whatever you want. All the tracks are taken from 'Bare Foot' our mini album that came out on Fence Records. You can do whatever you like with them! Go crazy!! Please email any finished remixes to .

Thursday, 8 January 2009

OLO RADIO - BB35 - HISTORY - 8/1/09

Confused!? Lost you timeline? Trot with me through the i present to you..a brief history of THE WORLD! In this lesson you'll learn about Dinosaurs, Animals, Humans, Ghosts, and the delights of fruit & veg.

Get it HERE.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Today was not a good day to be in the band OLO Worms..

"Yeah Abrasive! off to Bath Spa for the day! just picking up on one bit from the colossal email. We ditched the Dr Rhythm. I am very happy for the Magic Box. my mistake in that i over looked a knob (never over look a knob). That knob on the sound desk didnt help matters though! BOOM BOOM! what if we pursued the idea of getting bhoywonders? It will also give us the opportunity to trigger which seems a bit cheeky really. Ive got one of these, might be a bit small but perhaps if we're a bit more positive people will be duped into liking us. we have done all that 'worst band in britain' stuff to death. i have no ideas sorry. also describing a bunch of toothless simpletons 'arty lovable laptopiaryical loonjobs' should be used with caution. center your DIV! BIOG? its quite scary cos Username: Hitler. BRING BACK 'SHPINX' I SAY! group for us 4 only. Yeah! Bring back Schpinks! BRING IT BACK! I would like the flakes and bicycle rider medley AND MANIPULATE IT AS good feedback. We should tweak it so we're all happy with it. mark and i will be in lynton for my nan's 70th. whacked by pillow. I still dont like the thought of girls...oh well Ill be outnumbered but got to get it off my chest. think polite chatting about mortgages and pets. We're havin' CHICKCKEN! micachu in bath 1 word.. WICKED!! Sorry, ignore the 'washing hair' bit so might be in weston. Ive been writing a new song tonight that has the word 'kibble' With beats and loops. what do most bands use? shut your face! I dont understand what centre your div means. take the legs off. if we got a couple more it might look quite good. obviously its well known that you have problems spelling so system needs some fine tuning but lets not give up on Professional equipment. we will whisk you off to Asda to buy some shopping (Mark needs to buy a suit), then to our house for your photo shoot. Also, your gig with the Wild Beasts, consider the environment...the problem is that for the majority of it, there is no real melody/tune and its just the pulsing/beeping. Also I winge about it everytime. YES! DEFINITLY drumkit...dunce. I'm free - ie, there's nothing i can't cancel/not do if need be. Friday nights for loud sounds? Saturdays to spend together, kissing and cuddling. JAMES? FANCY IT? ..and if anyone is free they can join in. I think my room should only really be used for getting CHUNKY. also there's the 'noise' issue, which we need to be very careful about from here on in. new name is 'Rushen' ..AUTORISE ME! heart says: ok, i'll try and authorise you. DEFINITLY! we can use the £80 of OLO money remaining to subsidise the cost of the gorlkeepers 2p's worth. Its not a ban so I can drink if I want, but Ill make an effort not to where possible. you can get a scoop from pictish. we could see if art pedro/hard sparrow think it'll be any more expensive on the tubes to get to one or the other. I'm just being picky now i already booked a MEGA TRAIN. i am orange. OI LOIKE IT! a) im drinking less b) im gonna start taking elkazelts etc. c) its '09, times running out!! SOD OFF! DEAL WITH IT! THIS IS A CONTENDER FOR THE IDIOT THREAD.

The Management.

ps- that purple is better on the eye, thanks."

As of this evening we now have a new system where we can talk to each other in order.

Monday, 5 January 2009


2008 > 2009

Hey hey! It's a new year! It's the year 2009 and my name is James (AKA..more to come on that later), i am writing this blog entry..i thought i'd say that from the off. I say that because these are my thoughts and views and not the collective thoughts and views of OLO Worms. You see we are 4 very different people and hopefully thats what makes us what we are. This means a 1/4 of this is true. The others don't really like writing things like this, i don't mind but my spelling lets me down..i am what the hell i am! You don't hear much in the way of chat and updates from the others as they actually have real live's with pets, lovers, and nice homes to look after. We ALL drive this motor but i keep hold of the keys.

2008, That was that..

Before i start banging on about this year ahead i'm gonna look back. 2008 was 365 days long. Out of those 365 days we probably only spent about 5 days making new music. That's no good! That's poor game! That's a red card offence! This will change BIG STYLE in 2009! We have millions of ideas and plans for future recordings. Read on, i'll come back to that later.

It was the year we built up a little strength and began playing LIVE. We failed!..a few times. Who cares!? We didn't know what we were doing? None of us are pro's. I shouldn't even be let on stage, let alone be given a mic. I like failing though, i like bumbling on through (not at the time of course..but when looking back). Sometimes we got it right and people cheered. We're gonna get soo much better i know it. We had a few great support slots with Malcolm Middleton, Adem (which i think was our best gig), & Casiotone For The Painfully Alone (mainly old men then). The highlights of the year were playing at the Fence Collective's Homegame Festival in Scotland, Venn Festival and our own Fence Hop event (created with Rozi Plain). All the Fence camp made the year alot of fun whenever we played, drunk, cuddled with them. You gotta love the gang! We'll repay them this year.

OLO Radio suffered a bit in '08. I was a bit slack when it came to making new mixes and getting new guests on board. There were a few good podcasts..the three 'Under The Influence' mixes were something we all enjoyed putting together. The others went off music in '08 and protested by refusing to make any new podcasts. This'll change this year. Oh yeeeah! I've got some interesting ideas and hopefully we'll shake things up at the station.

OLO TV will return!! We turned the TV off (back in Oct) to save some energy. There's quite a bit of footage to collect together from '08 which will probably be as boring as our usual videos..but these things MUST be documented! Look out for all kinds of NEW visual treats this year. Proper music videos! $$$!

2009!! Whats it all aboot!?

Very very soon we'll be opening up our NEW WEBSITE which will be full of all kinds of cheap tat for you all to run your filthy fingers through.

As you may know (if you ever listen to a god damn thing i say!)..we have been recieving some REMIXES from friends, musical friends, and friends who are more on our level. There is one in particular that is very good! The remixes are all of tracks from our chart topping, Brit award winning, massively underwhelming mini album 'Bare Foot'. All of these will be up for free download from the new website when it opens up to the public. We maybe doing more with these, who knows? If you want to have a go remixing us..go ahead! CLICK HERE to get all the bits n bobs from the tracks. Screw us up!

The main aim this year is to make an ALBUM, a proper album, a BIG chunky OLO album! We have ideas, rough demos, samples, collected sounds, lyrics, impressions, notes, drawings, song titles, and paintings...but have soo much to do! It's gonna take a while but will definitely be finished this year. I predict...a HIT! While making the album we'll be throwing out surprise bundles along the way. I won't say anymore.

Before the album is finished there will be a PRE-ALBUM 'THING'..code name 'YISO'. We still don't know exactly what it will be? But you'll be able to watch it while you listen to it. It won't fit through your letterbox. Cluedo!! ..i'm Prof Plum!

On top of all that we'll be working on our SIDE PROJECTS & SOLO PROJECTS. So expect new 'music' in some form from The Gorlkeepers, Women Running Backwards, Speil Berg and the other as-yet un-named people.

We'll keep this BLOG BANG up to date this year. Watch us while we play.

The next thing of note after the website launch is our FIRST GIG of 2009. We are supporting WILD BEASTS! I love Wild Beasts!! They made my fave album of '08 so i'm especially pleased to be able to get the chance to make a complete tit of myself in front of them. We'll post up a gig poster and details soon.

Sooo, this is James signing off..ahh actually..that's one last thing to mention. We don't have names anymore, we are colours.



Orange Squash!!


CLICK HERE to see the rest of this set of photos over at OLO EXTRA.


CLICK HERE to see a few more selected photos over at OLOEXTRA.
CLICK HERE to see all the photos over on BB's photo blog.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

BB's B.O.B 2008 AWARDS


BB loves a good list. He made 8 at the end of '08. The Gorlkeepers even made it onto the 'Best Song' list (at #100!) See below..

Click link to view list/winner..
Best Album 2008
Best Song 2008
Best Gig 2008
Man Of The Year 2008
Best (non 2008) Album 2008
Best Music Video 2008
Best Film 2008
Worst Song 2008