Tuesday, 27 November 2007

INFORMATIVE, BUT FUN! (Seaweed's Christmas Wish)

Seaweed's response when asked what kind of present he would like for Christmas. This is GOLD!..

"Right, something that really annoys me is that dinosuars are only ever marketed to children. I'm still intrested!! I've seen thick dusty books about the different type of dinosaur virtebrae and which dinosuars had feathers and all that really detailed stuff that I WOULD find interesting, but havn't really got the time to read something that intense. So a middle ground between a game / book / dvd /toy that is well made and colourful, but aimed for over 14 year olds! Something that would be informative, but fun! Maybe i should just make one, then head to the dragons den! - i'm out.

I'm gonna sound really stupid now, because i would actually like a couple more of these toys I found (and bought) in Toy r us called DINO MAGIC!! They're small dinosaur toys that are in an egg (which is really a bath bomb). You unwrap it and dunk it in warm water where it. . . arrghhieee!!! HA!!"



Delifinger has started work on some new music. I'll tell you something!..it moves Boonbeans' clunky-chunky bones! We're gonna all work on it this week. You'll hear the finished track before Christmas.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Friday, 23 November 2007


Lionheart does a great spread! We'll have to wait til 2010 for the next one..

Drunk on sausage rolls..


Seaweed's eye broke, so Boonbeans took him to the eye hospital. He now has to wear a pirate patch..


Below are a few pics from around the time Boonbeans was staying up til stupid o'clock making the visuals for the gig and stills from videos we ended up not using for the final dvd. Harry Redknapp..YOU'RE FIRED!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

OUR THIRD 1ST EVER GIG (The Cooler, Bristol - 16/11/07)

Last Friday we were asked by our favourite pop group..Safetyword to support them at The Cooler (Bristol) as part as the Espionage club night. Baring in mind up until this point we had only played one ropey song at a Christmas party last year and only a few more songs on a train platform in Devon this past summer..we were a little unsure (scared) about jumping (falling head first) into the live music arena. It would have made more sense to play a few smaller gigs first, maybe in a phone box or matchbox or something? We could have built up the ol' confidence for the (very strange prospect of a) 10.30pm Friday night slot..but so far we havn't really tackled this music game with much thought..in fact we've done it all the upside-way-down-round route.. 1) paint some pictures 2) start a radio show 3) make an album 4) get a record deal (is there a deal?) 5) play live in front of real people 6) learn how to play 7) wake up. That should really read the other way round shouldn't it?

Turns out we were OK. It were quite good fun! Maybe we can do it again? We played a set made up from tracks from 'Bare Foot' and 'The Bumble Bee EP' (alot of them re-jigged) and a sick Chris Isaak cover. The visuals worked, the toys worked, the smoke machine didn't (probably for the best). The sound guy (out of pity) decided to whack a load of echo on the vocals which was a nice surprize. Thanks to Lucozade for their support..the Lucalozd whisky mixers gave us strength, courage, and energy.

Boonbeans (that be me) played some tunes before and after our set, there's nothing like Roy Orbison to get you in the mood to.. (DJ set list below).

Nice to see so many people (including a lot of mates) turn up and woop etc..cheers! It was pretty busy actually although we were quite startled and couldn't see beyond the front row. Safetyword were brilliant as ever, new songs are coo-coo-ca-chou! Sadly no one took any good video clips so we can't post them and the pics we do have are a little dark but we won't moan (moan). We may upload the visuals soon.

I'm guessing the more we play out live the less we'll write about it but as this is all new and strange maybe you can let us indulge in it all for the time being. Below are the photos, visual stills, etc. GO! EYES LOOK!

Earlier that day we played a warm up gig at a floor sale..

Thanks to Anneliesa and Paul Wonder for the pics below..


DJ list..

Lionheart's freshly doodled axe..

The subject of Boonbeans' on-stage painting..

The 1st gig painting..

A few stills from some of the visuals..

See you outside soon!