Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Today was not a good day to be in the band OLO Worms..

"Yeah Abrasive! off to Bath Spa for the day! just picking up on one bit from the colossal email. We ditched the Dr Rhythm. I am very happy for the Magic Box. my mistake in that i over looked a knob (never over look a knob). That knob on the sound desk didnt help matters though! BOOM BOOM! what if we pursued the idea of getting bhoywonders? It will also give us the opportunity to trigger which seems a bit cheeky really. Ive got one of these, might be a bit small but perhaps if we're a bit more positive people will be duped into liking us. we have done all that 'worst band in britain' stuff to death. i have no ideas sorry. also describing a bunch of toothless simpletons 'arty lovable laptopiaryical loonjobs' should be used with caution. center your DIV! BIOG? its quite scary cos Username: Hitler. BRING BACK 'SHPINX' I SAY! group for us 4 only. Yeah! Bring back Schpinks! BRING IT BACK! I would like the flakes and bicycle rider medley AND MANIPULATE IT AS good feedback. We should tweak it so we're all happy with it. mark and i will be in lynton for my nan's 70th. whacked by pillow. I still dont like the thought of girls...oh well Ill be outnumbered but got to get it off my chest. think polite chatting about mortgages and pets. We're havin' CHICKCKEN! micachu in bath 1 word.. WICKED!! Sorry, ignore the 'washing hair' bit so might be in weston. Ive been writing a new song tonight that has the word 'kibble' With beats and loops. what do most bands use? shut your face! I dont understand what centre your div means. take the legs off. if we got a couple more it might look quite good. obviously its well known that you have problems spelling so system needs some fine tuning but lets not give up on Professional equipment. we will whisk you off to Asda to buy some shopping (Mark needs to buy a suit), then to our house for your photo shoot. Also, your gig with the Wild Beasts, consider the environment...the problem is that for the majority of it, there is no real melody/tune and its just the pulsing/beeping. Also I winge about it everytime. YES! DEFINITLY drumkit...dunce. I'm free - ie, there's nothing i can't cancel/not do if need be. Friday nights for loud sounds? Saturdays to spend together, kissing and cuddling. JAMES? FANCY IT? ..and if anyone is free they can join in. I think my room should only really be used for getting CHUNKY. also there's the 'noise' issue, which we need to be very careful about from here on in. new name is 'Rushen' ..AUTORISE ME! heart says: ok, i'll try and authorise you. DEFINITLY! we can use the £80 of OLO money remaining to subsidise the cost of the gorlkeepers 2p's worth. Its not a ban so I can drink if I want, but Ill make an effort not to where possible. you can get a scoop from pictish. we could see if art pedro/hard sparrow think it'll be any more expensive on the tubes to get to one or the other. I'm just being picky now i already booked a MEGA TRAIN. i am orange. OI LOIKE IT! a) im drinking less b) im gonna start taking elkazelts etc. c) its '09, times running out!! SOD OFF! DEAL WITH IT! THIS IS A CONTENDER FOR THE IDIOT THREAD.

The Management.

ps- that purple is better on the eye, thanks."

As of this evening we now have a new system where we can talk to each other in order.

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