Thursday, 30 March 2006


You can now download and listen again to wednesday's Olo Radio show. featuring loads of new tunes, unsigned peeps, and a guest mix from Breakface! full tracklisting below..


New temporary version of the website is up (still same old listen again page for now though) click ere

Wednesday, 29 March 2006


Record breaking listener figures on tonights OLO Radio show! the best numbers since the very first show back in august. still..i'm not gonna tell you the figure as its still embarrasing. go figure!

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

OLO RADIO (29th March)

Olo Radio tomorrow night, 8-10pm (not the usual 7 or 9 starts)
we're just being difficult.

tune in -
msn in -

this week we have a guest mix from BREAKFACE!

Monday, 27 March 2006


You can now download and listen again to last week's Olo show. new music from..King Biscuit Time, Why?, Boy Better Know, TV On The Radio, Clinic, Matmos, Belong, Morrissey, Be Your Own PET, and Tapes N Tapes. we also had a mix from MARTIPANTS! full tracklisting below..

Saturday, 25 March 2006

Wednesday, 22 March 2006


OLO RADIO tonight (weds 22nd) , 7-9pm

tune in -
msn in -

playing loads of new stuff, unsigned stuff, old odds n sods...with NO STYLE!
+ we have a little mix from MARTIPANTS!

Tuesday, 21 March 2006


You can now download and listen again to all 3 Olo Radio show's from last weds (sorry it was'nt uploaded earlier). they include new music from..TV on the Radio, Hot Chip, Adem, Be Your Own PET, The Flaming Lips, Matmos, Tapes N Tapes, The Noisettes, Kelis, Good Shoes, Terrestrial Tones, Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid, Roots Manuva, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Grandaddy, Man Like Me, Stephin Merritt, and My Latest Novel.

plus the 2nd show had an EXCLUSIVE mix from MINOTAUR SHOCK!

full tracklisting below (click to enlarge)..

Sunday, 19 March 2006

Olo seminar

"On the 18th day of march 4 olo worms descended upon ye olde town of bristole, and with all 4 minds in one room , great wisdom and planning were notable by their absence and gobbledeegoop spewed from the mouths of the worms like a tidle wave of nonsense." delifinger aged 24

Thursday, 16 March 2006

Why this blog needs its 3rd member..................

Seaweed to Lionthief: ah-ha we have sound
Seaweed to Lionthief: i like it!
Seaweed to Lionthief: very good
Lionthief to Seaweed: cool, it needs something, but i'm not sure what, i'm gonna work on it some more tomorrow
Seaweed to Lionthief: perhaps picture a thumb, at the top its the stik-ka-tis-atisss.. rhythum part .. the nail is the ambient whooawhoawwhhhhh bit, which really like. the guitar is the knuckle ...
Seaweed to Lionthief: what it needs it a drawing pin in the underside of it
Seaweed to Lionthief: pushing through the skin
Seaweed to Lionthief: the shrap edge
Lionthief to Seaweed: the middle bit (vague techno) needs a big fuzz bass or sommat
Seaweed to Lionthief: an acidy thing
Seaweed to Lionthief: yeah
Seaweed to Lionthief: yeah needs more acid
Lionthief to Seaweed: jazz?
Lionthief to Seaweed: ha!
Seaweed to Lionthief: ha
Seaweed to Lionthief: no.
Lionthief to Seaweed: no jazz ever
Seaweed to Lionthief: yes.
Seaweed to Lionthief: no jazz.

(A transcript of an MSN conversation highlighting the analytical talents of Seaweed - the olo blog is crying out for further contributions from his mind)

Wednesday, 15 March 2006

What a corker

This weeks show is a cream cracker, part 3 is just about to begin and I can't contain my excitement! See webcam pic above ^ Its clobberin time!


OLO RADIO (15th March)

Pow! Biff! Woo!..Olo!! top pop bumper pack tonight ladies and gents.

3 Olo Radio shows for the price of 1! don't worry, that does'nt mean 6 hours! like most of the special offers in the supermarket, it's a scam..extra shiney wrapper, same old goo inside. there will be 3 one hour long shows spread out over the evening starting from 7pm.

what tasty goo though! they'll be tons of new music..some of which has'nt even been made yet! , delifinger's 'delicate disco', lionheart's 'siga mi trompa' mini mix, hairhandhair's brutal flip flops stompin' all over the park, but best of all..we have an EXCLUSIVE mix from MINOTAUR SHOCK!

oh, and another thing..we've upped the sound quality, so it should sound less computereeee and more like we're singing in your ear.

TUNE IN - weds 15th march (today) at 7pm > ? (it'll go on as long as it takes to finish the multi-pack)

MSN IN insults and poems -

later pop fans


Saturday, 11 March 2006

Wednesday, 8 March 2006


Ahoy Hoy! This is Lionheart calling. Basically, I'm the 4th member - recruited at random, much like contestants for Deal or no Deal, except Boonbeans is Noel Edmonds (his throwback hair and proud cockerel stance are essentially the same as Noel - and he told me he was 'so pleased for me' when selected) I provide the booze and money for the group, and an old head on young shoulders (see picture). Words and music are my 'skills' - couldn't draw or work t'internet for toffee.

Listen out for Lionheart's 'occasional' (like the table) mixes and doodlings on OLO Radio.


We will be steppin' out in the summer! keep the 9, 10, 11th june free and head down to the Lynton & Lynmouth festival. more details to follow, when we're told what we are doing.

Tuesday, 7 March 2006


Introducing Olo worm member no.2 delifinger. He makes sandwiches for a living and is fed up with the demands of olo radio getting in the way. He sits at home waiting for Boonbeans to bark orders at him over MSN. His 6 years of musical experimentation have all culminated in 1 track about a pet wasp, but he carries on wasting his time regardlessly. His role in the worms is mostly to get technical with internet pipes, and making sense of the ramblings that spill from Boonbeans' idiotic brain turning them into real things that work (a bit). Basically he is the geeky one with basic html skills and a grade 1 in guitar. He is only in Olo worms for the chicks and is quoted as saying 'im only in olo worms for the chicks' but he doesnt meet many because boonbeans doesnt let him out of the matchbox.

You can hear Delifingers delicate disco every week on Olo Radio........ 10 minutes jampacked with fiddlins and softbits

Oh and Boonbeans will probably shout at me for doing this wrong...bugger.

Monday, 6 March 2006


OK! so the first thing we did was to set up an on-line radio show (we would have gone straight onto radio 1 but we thought we'd start smaller and give jk and joel a bit of a longer run at it..they really are good lads!).

we broadcast live from inside a matchbox..which i named..'the matchbox' every weds, sometimes 7-9pm, sometimes 9-11pm..depends on my mood swings. i enjoy doing it. think the other worms do too. we try and play a mix of exciting new music and old dusty stuff. we DON'T DO chat! we are'nt funny enough, so it's not worth it. you sound like an idiot if u are just reeling off a list of song titles and thoughts on Captain Beefheart lyrics..i'm not pointing at anyone in particular (DROWNED IN SOUND!..u did'nt see that ok?). i'd like to get more peeps on doing live sessions and stuff for us in the future. most weeks we have guest 'dj's' who force their poor taste on us and our loyal 6 listeners. it's wierd cos we know how many people are listening live (i dont look too much cos its depressing) but we don't know how many people download it every week? probably 7.

there's no real plan for Olo Radio, well maybe a gold disc on one of the walls in the matchbox. oh yeah..I would like to thank Les Bell *cough* "arsehole!" and all at Old Jock Radio for giving this balloon the idea to start it up. thats enough for now.

So, this week's show..

you can now download and listen again to weds OLO RADIO show. includes new music from..Dr Octagon, Battles, Mogwai, Fiery Furnaces, Mystery Jets, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tapes N Tapes, and Olo's very own..Delifinger!

we were also lucky enough to receive a great little mix from the mighty JAMES YORKSTON!! tracklisting below (click to enlarge)..

We keep records *

*not to scale


Introducing Olo Worm member No.1.. Boonbeans! (sometimes HairHandHair, sometimes Pigeon, sometimes Dr Rath, sometimes Onion Rings, sometimes Pizza Baby, sometimes Mannequin Hair, always plain-old James JJ Hankins with a strange need to create stupid names to go under). He has NO musical bones in his body, attempting to make music should be interesting. He paints, doodles, plans (does'nt make) films, cuts n glues, drinks, and bullys the other Olo members. oh, can i just point far as i'm concerned this whole thing is a stupid idea..i'm just covering myself now. COME ON LADS!! knees up, knees up!

here's Delifinger (15 mins ago on MSN) trying to explain why all future Olo recordings are doomed!..

delifinger says: (9:42:40 pm)
you want electric guitar like slash or foo fighters? no only joking, yes its hard to record an acoustic guitar with a cheap mic and make it not sound crap. its always really dull flat sounding

Boonbeans says: (9:42:52 pm)

Boonbeans says: (9:42:57 pm)

Boonbeans says: (9:43:07 pm)
u=brain may

BRAIN MAY, all brains n hair.

WELCOME! (Remove Your Clothes Worms)


Wednesday, 1 March 2006