Friday, 3 October 2008



Louisiana, Bristol
Supporting Adem.

We all really enjoyed this one. Being fans of Adem it was a bit wierd to have him watch us setting up and soundcheck. I felt pretty stupid placing down Sinitta's head on the stage with him watching on. Sinitta called to say she couldn't make the gig, we tried to book her after hearing that she was opening the new Cabot Circus. Strangely i ended the set by singing..well..groaning 'So Macho'??, one of her biggest hits. It's strange the things that pop into your head when you're not thinking. We seemed to go down well with Adem & Mary Hampton. Adem said watching us reminded him of himself as a 15 year old boy in his first band Fridge!! Ha! Towards the end of his set he asked us up to help him out and to hit some pots and pans. I heckled from the bar.

We played the same set as the Special Wednesday gig. Our mum was there too! We are all brothers! She got a nice round of applause from the crowd for buying the drums.

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Adem with our junk..

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