Thursday, 15 January 2009


One of the Worms wrote this today..

"Alright Saddlebags!!!!
I get in from work 6:15pm
I relax for 30 mins. drink tea etc.. (6:45)
Cook dinner, 30 mins (7:15)
Eat dinner, 20 mins (7:35)
Let it go down, discuss events/hot topics with *****, 25 mins (8:00)
nap. which, by the way, is what i should be doing now! You're ruining nap time!!!!!
wake up (9:30)
feed fish, brush Pierre, clean Pierre's eyes, clean my eyes, wash Pierre's bum, wash my bum, 30 mins (10:00)
bath/shower usually both, 30 mins (10:30)
Bed 10:30pm
Get up 6:15 go to work 7:15etc..."

1 comment:

delifinger said...

who naps in the evening? just go to bed earlier.