Tuesday, 20 January 2009


i am sat here on my computer. just had an idea..is a bit overwhelming but Ill try and look at us in a wide open space spelling out Y I S O like YMCA. old style 'nonsense'. stood loooking a bit awkward in the background. remember 'ting' vid we were working on ages ago that we never finished and it sort of became that visual thing for 'plankton' dj night. really simple and manageable - AT LAST! don't sit too awkwardly. we need to crack on asap .

AT THIS MOMENT in time these are my thoughts on monday 19th 2009.
collect together little funny bits (think polite chatting about mortgages and pets) 'Cannibal' up a run of cheap vinyl. Funnily enough I had been thinking along similar lines but I was thinking.
davey lynch eat your heart out! i wanted to put it somewhere in this diary/plan. putting out 'inbetweenies' i dont mean literally i mean that in a nasty way . ok fair enough. im will be zipped!!
we should do the stripped down gk stuff so hold your horses . i am interested in reviving it..ha! we all dont have to be 100% behind EVERYTHING at this stage. its adding extra pressure and expectation if we set ourselves fairly straight forward. Then a more songy type theory to let go and record ANYTHING we want then sit down.
a buzz. but then it mentions elastic waist in brackets where it says bronski.
just an annoying woman dancing..dont ask why mr toad, its all exciting though aint it. Im going to make another jed pitman 1 minute wonder.what am I trying to say.....?
i've been chatting ALOT to gareth in the last 30mins.maybe we should let mark and gareth read all this now and hear their thoughts. i need to get out the house too. we've ballsed up by not putting out 'D Reg Car', 'Jenga Door Drop' or 'Jenga Door Stop' ,'The Long Winded Lobster League' ,'O Private Parts', ' i think im developing some kind of'', 'Diaganal In Bed', 'Grub Moves' ,'Onion Banjo', 'My Own Cheerleader'.
COME ON!...FAMOUS LAST WORDS. but what the hell.


OLO Worms

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