Monday, 3 September 2007


His name is CHUCK HEAD..and he's a great guy!

It was only his first day today and already he's kickin' butt!

He's packed up all the album orders with the lucky dips and has promised me he will be down the post office first thing Monday morning. WHAT A GUY!

Remember if you want to order 'BARE FOOT' you can by visiting our website and ordering through paypal.

£5 gets you the album.
£8 gets you the album, a special bonus cd (sshhh..details to follow soon), an OLO poster, OLO action figures and another mystery prize!! remember all this is secret.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible just to buy the bonus cd on its own?

OLO said...

yes it the near future. if u are lucky u may find 1 hidden around bristol (details to follow).

Heriberto said...

bare foot? who's the singer? what genre? but it seems that I am not fit to listen it. what is it a music?

Charles said...

The way you draw your new manager is so :D:D. Anyway, I don't recognize BARE FOOT either... I want the bonus not the :D:D