Thursday, 25 September 2008


Our good friend Johnny Lynch (The Pictish Trail) has done a session for Vic Galloway's radio 1 show. The session also features another OLO friend Miss Rozi Plain. Both will be playing at next weekend's Fence Hop in Bristol! It's a great listen, listen to it HERE. Radio 1 used our photo of Johnny & Monkey on their website that WE took at the Homegame back in 2006. We'll sue them later, maybe next week.

Friday, 19 September 2008

THE FENCE HOP (Full Details)

THE FENCE HOP - October 4th and 5th 2008

Two days of music from round the isles of Britain, at various Bristol city centre venues. All the acts playing are part of Fence Records, Scotland’s finest micro-indie folk label - home of King Creosote, James Yorkston, Lone Pigeon and many others.

Saturday afternoon sees 5 acts play at the Scout Hut, Redcliffe. This cosy, waterside venue is ideally suited to intimate shows, and this afternoon includes a very special acoustic performance from The Pictish Trail.

On Saturday evening, 'Fence Hop' will be based at Mother’s Ruin, with a live performance from Bristol’s OLO Worms, and 4 teams of DJ’s including Anticon’s SJ Esau. Pop fun guaranteed.

Sunday afternoon’s entertainment moves to the Hillgrove Porter Stores in Kingsdown, for ‘Sigh and Die’, an afternoon of entirely random DJ’ing from the performing Fence acts and a live performance by WiQwar, a guitar and laptop duo who make blissed out sun-kissed acoustic buzzings.

On Sunday evening Cleaner Records and Fence Records host Rozi Plain’s album launch night at the Cube cinema, Stokes Croft. Performances with full bands from Rozi, The Pictish Trail and Sleeping States are the perfect way to end the 'Fence Hop' weekend.


Saturday Afternoon

The Scout Hut, Redcliffe, 3 till 6pm, £4 entry on door.

The Gorlkeepers - The talented 2 from OLO Worms break free and make their goalkeeping debut to play some proper music.

Boywonder - Fence legend and member of Morning Star - writes mini-epics from the heart. (

Art Pedro - He sounds quite mad and is ruddy brilliant. (

Hardsparrow - purveyor of off-beat, synth-shanty song-writing preoccupied with loneliness and death. A joy! (

The Pictish Trail - Fence’s best kept secret, till now. His newly-minted ‘Secret Soundz Vol.1’ album has been released to high praise from all who’ve heard it - “A post-summer trove of sun-warped electro, Reg Perrin homages and lambent anthems’ (Nicola Meighan - The Wire) (

Saturday Night

Mothers Ruin, Off Baldwin Street, 9pm till 2am, £2 entry on door.

OLO Worms - Yard Is Open! Stream of consciousness daydreams punctuated with found sounds, flights of surrealist fancy, field recordings and tuti-fruiti sing-songs from the sprawling multi-media collective that is OLO Worms. Love your Snake.
( .


Stevie Windows - Safetyword’s undisputed DJ champion.
Special Wednesday DJ’s - Bizarre records for boozy dancing.
SJ Esau and DJ Sarah Wilson - Bristol's greatest tag-team.
OLO Radio - "Mind The Gap"

Sunday Afternoon

Hillgrove Porter Stores, Kingsdown, 4 till 7pm, Free Entry

WiQwar - Perfect for a lazy Sunday, this duo plays warming, skittery electro-folk.

‘Sigh and Die’ DJ’s
Fence attendees man the decks, playing whatever they fancy.

Sunday Night

Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, doors at 7:30 - till late, £6 on door, £5 advance/concessions (tickets from cube, here shop, Bristol Ticket Shop)

Rozi Plain - launching her debut album INSIDE OVER HERE and playing with a full band. The album has been described as “ten songs that capture the burnt haze of endless summers, washing like the tide over your feet and showcase an engaging and fresh new voice in British song writing”. (

Sleeping States - described by Clash Magazine as combining “the best of Adem, Vincent Gallo, Mogwai, Calexico and Elliot Smith….they are f******* gorgeous!” (

The Pictish Trail - see Sat Afternoon

DJ Romanhead - entertains the bar.


Below is a trailer for a new movie which LH & BB co-star in. It also stars our housemates James Nation & Steve Jensen. Here's the plot outline (written by the director James Nation)..

"Steve Jensen is a hot-shot auto racing rookie with a lot to prove. Will he win the respect of his team mates, boss and most importantly the girl he loves? Find out in 2008's best home video DAYS OF JENSEN."

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Monday, 15 September 2008


More info to come soon, but thought you'd like to see the poster we just finished..

Saturday, 13 September 2008


Today we started to record a cover of Frank Zappa's 'What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body' for a compilation cd that we'll tell you about soon. We have covered it a few times at gigs and we thought we'd try and record a version of it, so we don't have to play it again. It might also feature on our new project 'Yard Is Open'. Above is a six-form style grumble BB scribbled down after one of the most frustraighting days of his life.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

ADEM / OLO WORMS (Louisiana, Bristol)

Our next gig is supporting Adem! It's on Thursday 25th Sept. There's just been another act (Mary Hampton) added to the bill which means we're on early, best get down there for 8pm. If you want to get on the £7 cheap list (which BB keeps in his top pocket) you just need to contact us in some way, just leave a message somewhere..we'll see it..we see EVERYTHING!

Below are 2 posters. Can you guess which one is ours and which is the real one?..

CLICK HERE for the facebook event page.

It's strange seeing our name on a proper ticket..


Four men share a punnet of meat with their imaginary friends.

This mix was originally given out on a free cd at September's Super Special Wednesday. The cd contained 2 mixes, one from the Special Wednesday Team and one from the OLO Team. CLICK HERE to see the original artwork (designed by the Special Wednesday Team).

Get it HERE.


Our next guest mix comes from SPECIAL WEDNESDAY!
Myspace / Website

This mix was originally given out on a free cd at September's Super Special Wednesday. The cd contained 2 mixes, one from the Special Wednesday Team and one from the OLO Team.

CLICK HERE to see the original artwork (designed by the Special Wednesday Team).

Get it HERE.


Last week we played at Super Special Wednesday 3. There was a bit of a panic at the start when we heard there wasn't a soundman booked. A few 999 calls later they got hold of someone who turned out to be pretty good..and more importantly a nice chap (not that we know what we're on about..with sound..or human personalities). This was gig no.8 i think. There were the usual problems and feedback issues but it was probably one of our better gigs so far. Thanks for coming down if you did. It got hot and sweaty up there in our get-up (and we hardly moved a muscle!). We enjoyed the random drunk couple who stormed in and had a good dance..until we slowed down, i think they went on to watch someone better or drink something better. LH & BB continued the night by wondering round town and through student halls (we were invited!!) in full costume. Below is the set list for those of you that are interested in these sorts of things (i know i used to be). The set was mainly made of of new songs and re-worked old songs. 'Guess Who Garden' and 'Flakes' are the only one's that have remained the same since we started playing live.

Below is the front and back cover of the free cd (designed by Special Wednesday) that was given out on the night. It contained 2 mixes, one from the Special Wednesday team and one from team OLO. We'll be podcasting the mixes soon.

Below are only about 5% of all the photos..there was alot of papping! You can see them all over at OLO EXTRA. Thanks to S.Jensen, A.Dimond, M.Jones and anyone else who took pics and let us use them (even if we havn't told you). Thanks also to the whole Special Wednesday team for putting on the night and asking us to play. Does this post all sound a bit wet?

CLICK HERE to see set of photos no.1
CLICK HERE to see set of photos no.2
CLICK HERE to see set of photos no.3
CLICK HERE to see set of photos no.4

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


We've let this blog slip a bit recently. So here's a re-cap of what we've been up to over the last month or so. There are links to the sets of photos etc. Roughly starting with the most recent..


CLICK HERE to see the rest of this set of photos over on OLO EXTRA.

Cabot Cirus!..


Yep that's right! New jobs for 3 of the Worms. For LH & BB the dream is over, no more dole life. LH has just started a new job looking after the old people (he's nice like that) and the Hanking Brothers are off to Hollywood! SW is going to be working as a cinema projectionist and BB as an cinema usher. woooo! $$$$$ ..nor so not in BB's case.


Good boys BB & SW took their old folks to the seaside and started practicing poses for the Women Running Backwards press shots. CLICK HERE to see the rest of this set of photos over on BEANSNAPS.


Here's another behind the scenes look at the making of the new SJ Esau video that the Hanking Brothers are currently working on..

CLICK HERE to see the rest of this set of photos over on BEANSNAPS.


Apart from 'The Grouch' LH, we've all been celebrating love and marriage this summer. Oh what a wonderful thing it is too! Yeah!! DF had a brief fling with a page boy at his mate's wedding. We won't go into details, but it's safe to say he'll never be the same again. SW drove all over the country to be with loved-up sicko's and saps. BB went to a Iranian wedding and tried it on with the bride's sister and anyone else the Grandmother couldn't save. Finally, last week BB & SW cranked up the volume on the OLO-mobile-wedding-hit-machine and pretended to be wedding DJs at their Dad's garden reception. Yes! We even played 'Come On Eileen'! Below are links to some photos..
CLICK HERE to see the rest of set 1 of photos over on BEANSNAPS.
CLICK HERE to see the rest of set 2 of photos over on BEANSNAPS.


BB P.I.B. What ever you do don't ask what's in the bag!There are't that many photos as my LH's camera gave up after day 1.

CLICK HERE to read our Green Man report over on BEANSONBREAD.
CLICK HERE to see ALL the Green Man photos over on BEANSNAPS.


*In a Louis Walsh voice* > "We liked it!"
to see this set of photos over on BEANSNAPS.

DF's BBQ...

A few drinks to celebrate DF's 45th Birthday!
CLICK HERE to see the rest of this set of photos over on BEANSNAPS.


In case you don't know, THIS is where BB keeps all his photos, doodles, thoughts.

Monday, 1 September 2008


LH (pleading) "Don't go as Jesus James"
BB "Why not?"