Friday, 9 January 2009


We've been pulled apart! We have stuck up 6 NEW OLO Worms remixes for you to have a listen to..

> 'Don't Touch Baby' - Portmanteau Remix
> 'Tortoise Shell' - Freeze Puppy Remix
> 'I Shot Shrieff' - Jonnie Common Remix
> 'Germs Stand Up (parts 6,17,25,4,18,21,22,27,24,7,20,15,19,11,12,16,3,13,26,5,23,9,14,10,8) tephrochronological doctorate (chapters I–LXXXV; addenda)
- Twocsinak Remix
> 'Guess Who Garden' - Mr Minimax Remix
> 'Concerning The Girls Of The World' - Thms Remix

CLICK HERE to listen to them.

There's still another 7 remixes which we're holding back and more in production. All of these plus the other 6 will be up on our new upcoming website for you to download for free. We'll also be compiling our favourite remixes for a future release of some sort.

*The image above isn't the finished artwork. We'll be posting that up on the new website.

If you still wanna remix us you can. Visit this webpage and download whatever you want. All the tracks are taken from 'Bare Foot' our mini album that came out on Fence Records. You can do whatever you like with them! Go crazy!! Please email any finished remixes to .

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