Monday, 5 January 2009

2008 > 2009

Hey hey! It's a new year! It's the year 2009 and my name is James (AKA..more to come on that later), i am writing this blog entry..i thought i'd say that from the off. I say that because these are my thoughts and views and not the collective thoughts and views of OLO Worms. You see we are 4 very different people and hopefully thats what makes us what we are. This means a 1/4 of this is true. The others don't really like writing things like this, i don't mind but my spelling lets me down..i am what the hell i am! You don't hear much in the way of chat and updates from the others as they actually have real live's with pets, lovers, and nice homes to look after. We ALL drive this motor but i keep hold of the keys.

2008, That was that..

Before i start banging on about this year ahead i'm gonna look back. 2008 was 365 days long. Out of those 365 days we probably only spent about 5 days making new music. That's no good! That's poor game! That's a red card offence! This will change BIG STYLE in 2009! We have millions of ideas and plans for future recordings. Read on, i'll come back to that later.

It was the year we built up a little strength and began playing LIVE. We failed!..a few times. Who cares!? We didn't know what we were doing? None of us are pro's. I shouldn't even be let on stage, let alone be given a mic. I like failing though, i like bumbling on through (not at the time of course..but when looking back). Sometimes we got it right and people cheered. We're gonna get soo much better i know it. We had a few great support slots with Malcolm Middleton, Adem (which i think was our best gig), & Casiotone For The Painfully Alone (mainly old men then). The highlights of the year were playing at the Fence Collective's Homegame Festival in Scotland, Venn Festival and our own Fence Hop event (created with Rozi Plain). All the Fence camp made the year alot of fun whenever we played, drunk, cuddled with them. You gotta love the gang! We'll repay them this year.

OLO Radio suffered a bit in '08. I was a bit slack when it came to making new mixes and getting new guests on board. There were a few good podcasts..the three 'Under The Influence' mixes were something we all enjoyed putting together. The others went off music in '08 and protested by refusing to make any new podcasts. This'll change this year. Oh yeeeah! I've got some interesting ideas and hopefully we'll shake things up at the station.

OLO TV will return!! We turned the TV off (back in Oct) to save some energy. There's quite a bit of footage to collect together from '08 which will probably be as boring as our usual videos..but these things MUST be documented! Look out for all kinds of NEW visual treats this year. Proper music videos! $$$!

2009!! Whats it all aboot!?

Very very soon we'll be opening up our NEW WEBSITE which will be full of all kinds of cheap tat for you all to run your filthy fingers through.

As you may know (if you ever listen to a god damn thing i say!)..we have been recieving some REMIXES from friends, musical friends, and friends who are more on our level. There is one in particular that is very good! The remixes are all of tracks from our chart topping, Brit award winning, massively underwhelming mini album 'Bare Foot'. All of these will be up for free download from the new website when it opens up to the public. We maybe doing more with these, who knows? If you want to have a go remixing us..go ahead! CLICK HERE to get all the bits n bobs from the tracks. Screw us up!

The main aim this year is to make an ALBUM, a proper album, a BIG chunky OLO album! We have ideas, rough demos, samples, collected sounds, lyrics, impressions, notes, drawings, song titles, and paintings...but have soo much to do! It's gonna take a while but will definitely be finished this year. I predict...a HIT! While making the album we'll be throwing out surprise bundles along the way. I won't say anymore.

Before the album is finished there will be a PRE-ALBUM 'THING'..code name 'YISO'. We still don't know exactly what it will be? But you'll be able to watch it while you listen to it. It won't fit through your letterbox. Cluedo!! ..i'm Prof Plum!

On top of all that we'll be working on our SIDE PROJECTS & SOLO PROJECTS. So expect new 'music' in some form from The Gorlkeepers, Women Running Backwards, Speil Berg and the other as-yet un-named people.

We'll keep this BLOG BANG up to date this year. Watch us while we play.

The next thing of note after the website launch is our FIRST GIG of 2009. We are supporting WILD BEASTS! I love Wild Beasts!! They made my fave album of '08 so i'm especially pleased to be able to get the chance to make a complete tit of myself in front of them. We'll post up a gig poster and details soon.

Sooo, this is James signing off..ahh actually..that's one last thing to mention. We don't have names anymore, we are colours.



Orange Squash!!

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