Friday, 13 November 2009


SUNDAY 25th October 2009
Oxjam Music Festival
Start The Bus, BRISTOL

BB Writes:

Yes! This turned out to be a pretty good gig. We kept the same set as the 'B-Team' tour as we are terrified of change. No of course not! No really..we wanted to do all new songs with no practice while doing impressions of all the other bands without even knowing them. The other bands we saw completely cleared the dancefloor leaving us the job of dragging the peasants back to worship us. It worked! Well they were there, maybe not worshipping us but at least showing some signs that they were enjoying it. I enjoyed it! I liked being down on the ground. Gave my Dad's ICI boiler suit another airing this time with added halo. After the gig we went and saw our mate (ha!) Jimmy Yorko aka James Yorkston. I got bullied into going up and singing with him for 'Tortoise Regrets Hare'.."fox takes...ahhh wahtever!" was my last line. My excuse is the usual, b-b-booze. We don't have any planned gigs now til 2010 (although there maybe a Gorlkeepers/Women Running Backwards thang around Christmas). Let's just get these god damn songs recorded!!


Are You Girl?
Back From England
The Elastic Waste Band
The Barber Shop
Neutral Zones

HEY! We got a good review on a Crackerjack website. See it HERE. It sounded like this..

"Later that afternoon, that same venue saw the best act of the day - Olo Worms, the name as unique as the act itself. Their awa-inspiring experimental tunes which defy all labels had the whole venue enthralled.
With so much going on on such a small stage, it's never a dull moment. Olo Worms are what happens when you add gaffer tape, deep voiced robots with hilarious lyrics and Doves-esque vocals to an epic Brakes track. Utterly compelling."

CLICK HERE to see the rest of this set of photos over on OLOEXTRA.

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