Thursday, 26 November 2009

DEAR DIARY (Nov Part 8)

Dear Diary,

We gave the new songs to The Pictish Trail and he replied: "it's like 'Come Together' Primal Scream meets Apache Indian".

Great news!!..King Kenny loves our new song! That's King Creosote don't cha know! Well chuffed. We spent most of the day trying to decide if we were gonna go with 'The Elastic (WAIST or WASTE) Band'? It went to the deadlock so we called on the King again and he voted for 'Waste!'. Defeat for LH, win for BB!

SW on BB > "The Simon Cowell trousers are getting higher,the teeth are getting whiter & your 'flat top' is taller and flatter. The next step is perhaps for me to find a way of dealing with you as the Cowell train is gaining momentum. Lord have mercy on us all."

We got the mastered songs back which sound great! Thanks Rueban! Rueben or Rueban? He's a Fence Collective man i'm pretty sure. We've seen him kicking around with James Yorkston outside the Co-Op throwing stones at Coke cans and swearing at old ladies.

Can't wait for this to come out now!!


OLO Worms

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