Friday, 13 November 2009

DEAR DIARY (Nov Part 3)

Dear Diary,

Went to the seaside (Clevedon), It was gloomy but we had fun. We ate crumpets on the pier, threw rocks, saw dead dog on beach, ate chips and dead dog pies, wet our socks, and recorded all the sounds there. We could'nt get in to the Royal Mail so the next stop on the FUN bus was Southmead! We drove around looking for trouble with our recorder out the car window. In Sommerfield i got hit in the balls with a shopping basket by G.Love for doing a bad U2 joke. The big man (G.Jones) cooked us all a chilli and we all sat down and watched possibly the best X-Factor ever! "Who's seen Gummo Simon! Gummo isn't a film Simon! Silly song Simon, silly song!" Louis Walsh is soo funny! I'm hoping tomorrow's theme is 'the songs from Gummo'. Jedward were of course out of this world! What will they do this week? Exciting! Even one of me fave Dave Lynch films 'Mullholland Drive' got a mention! Ha! how weird's that? We watched it with subtitles which gives the X-Factor another level of enjoyment. Slept on the sofa while others went out to old men pubs.


OLO Worms

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