Friday, 13 November 2009

DEAR DIARY (Nov Part 5)

BB writes..

Chin shaved, teeth brushed, sock over mic, lyric sheet in hand, Mum in town...home alone rapping!! ELVIS LIVES! Just as i was about to do my 'Back From England' vocals a crow outside my window butted in and advised me put a hat on, it worked! By way of thanks we'll keep him on the recording. I got nervous, what other MCs get butterfly tummys?!?? Whiskey and lemonade calmed me. I think i did ok. Brain pounding stress with these new songs..we all seem to be confusing each other. I wanna be in Bristol with the other 3 sorting this mess.


Darnell said...

Take it easy. Just relax. Maybe this is all because you were too panic or afraid that you will mess the whole things up. You can do it, just be sure and do the best.

Graham said...

Are you a vocalist? Why are you so scared to face it? I think it's just a suggestion that comes from your heart so that you can not control it.
You need to relax, take a long breath and you should try to do your best. Applause from the audience will surely arouse for more upbeat mood.