Thursday, 26 November 2009

DEAR DIARY (Nov Part 7)

BB writes..

Felt a bit down in the dumps about myself and so on (boring) then just as i was beginning to feel better and began climbing my way out of the pit of doom i found a Hollyoaks hunks calendar on top of my wardrobe..oh jeeez!! "put those six packs away boys before i cut my wrists!"...or i 'll cut you! ahhh, i stumbled across an idea! I turned to Tony Hutchinson and took the scissors to his muscles and began to cut circles. These circles would go on to form part of the artwork for the new songs. Waste not want not, or..waist not want not? Only OLO's will get that bad joke. The song is about kinda about men's weight issues so it worked out perfectly in the end. The calendar was meant to be found on this day at that precise moment. Thanks God! I ended up using my freshly cut hair in the artwork too. I glued it to the photocopies of my feet to make hairy feet. Used every flag in the world, i could'nt let any country down..although there is no English flag.

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