Friday, 18 May 2007


Here's the japanese blog piece translated. brilliant! made me chuckle.

"I had known OLO Worms have been recording some songs for their new album and I wanted to get it whatever it was released in any way and any format. How fantastic it will be released from Fence Records! OLO Worms have members have great talent. They broadcast their podcasts called OLO radio, paints some paintings which are full of talent, and shoots some videos through years! I couldn't take my eyes off the boys from Bristol... the news is really fantastic and make me excite. They have been taken up in Guardian and Pitchfork, and I've been looking forward to them after that. Anyway, you also have to check them out."

favourite quote.."I couldn't take my eyes off the boys from Bristol" ha!
thanks to Kuny for translating it.

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