Friday, 11 May 2007


Tomorrow morning we start work on the 17 videos for each of the tracks on 'BARE FOOT'. How long will this take? God knows! BUT IT WILL..*wait there*..HAPPEN! You'll be able to get the DVD off us when it's done (see you down the boot sale with pirates). We are shooting the 1st one upside down. It's an early start..breakfast shall be served in woollen jumpers (with 2 holes..for udders).

In other news..we are painting the album cover on sunday before church.

Below is a photo of Delifinger, Child, & I 'on set' during filming for a short film we made called '5 Flavours' a few years back. I'm embarrased to say it was probably the last time i filmed anything..well finished filming anything. I have no excuses now, i just bought a 320GB hard drive.

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