Tuesday, 1 May 2007


The last 2 weeks have been quite challenging but we got there in the end. we've finished recording the album we have been working on since January. we're all still learning so it's been hard work. here are the last load of photos of us messing about in bedrooms, you won't see anymore for a while hopefully..unless we stop with the music and start making blue movies.

This wonderful man's dongle saved us every week, "Nation O Nation!"..

Recording Darth Vader's vocals (next time E.T)..

Bit bored..

Just imagine being invited to one of our dinner parties..

Jimmy White popped by, listened to the music and gave us his blessing..

How we write lyrics..


Last day re-jigs..

Final instrument used (true)..

Title's before we woke up..

Celebrate with uriiine!..

Seaweed stunned by giant gooseberry..

Work done, tarts hit the town..

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