Friday, 11 May 2007

失礼!独断と偏見!! GENKI!?

Blogageddon! We have turned up on a Japanese music blog..i think it's called 'Follow The Sun'? Here's the direct link to us.

She writes..
"Olo Worms がアルバムのレコーディングをしていたのは知っていて、どんな形でのリリースであっても買おうと思っていたのだけれど、なんとリリースは Fence Recordsからという!とにかくスゴイ!これまでPodcastsをタレ流しにしてきたり、画伯と呼ばすにはいられないメンバーがいて、才能溢れると思いたいペインティングがあったり、映像があったり。とにかくブリストル発な彼らから目を離すことができなかったのだけれど、これはめちゃくちゃすごい!少し前にはGuardianやPitch Forkなんかでも取上げられていて、その後を楽しみにしていたのだけれど、こんな形で次の手を見せられるとは思っていなかっただけにかなりのコーフン"

I couldn't agree more.


Anonymous said...

Here is a translation from altavista:

"Having known, being release in whatever kind of way, you probably will buy, that however it is to think, how release calls that olo worms has done the recording of the album from Fence Records! In any case スゴイ! So far, Podcasts, it makes the discharge of untreated effluent, the artist and call does the member who does not enter being, there is a painting which we would like to think, that talent it overflows, there is an image. In any case, the Bristol departure however it is not to be possible to separate the eye from them, this it sets the ちゃ oral ゃ is enormous! A little before being picked up Guardian and Pitch Fork something, however after that it is to have enjoyed, you can show the following hand in such a way, because with you did not think, considerable."

Boonbeans said...

ha! i love it. nice one.