Monday, 30 October 2006


Me and 'her indoors' went to the croft to see Tunng supported by Nancy Elizabeth Cunliffe and Jill Barber on saturday.

Nancy kind of sounded a bit like Rose Kemp but stuck to accoustic instruments mainly harp and guitar. It was quite nice all in all and everyone was being quiet in the venue which makes a change.

Jill Barber was great..... providing a blues, folk, country soundtrack that I would usually wince away from the mention of. She did simple folky lyrics over country guitar accompanied by a great guitarist who was doing some nice reverb effects and bottle neck sliding. She talked loads aswell which is always a winner for me.

Next the Band with the stupidist name in the history of bands. Tunng were as good as I expected them although the venue didnt do them any favours. The samples/beats didnt real sit too comfortably over the acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies, more than likely down to the acoustics of the room or a bad sound engineer. That aside though, its geat seeing them put it all together live as the songs sound so intricate and complicated on record. The female singer played a plastic butterfly and a wooden woodpecker on 2 of the songs. The stuff dreams are made of.....Hippy dreams anyway.

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