Wednesday, 25 October 2006

ARTS 'N CRAFT (In Da Club)

Minutes before the cab arrived i pocketed a few random items from my 'bits n' bobs' box. what can you do in a club with a ball of string, super glue, and a reel of tape? hmm..the super-glued hand to the pint pranks did'nt quite work but the dancefloor was under my spell..i tied and taped them all up. great fun was had by me.


aarghhh! i'm tied to a model!

cut my lip, delifinger doesn't care one bit.

3 worms and a little lady.

before the step challenge.

i'd just recieved a WWF style leg drop.

finally back at the ranch, smashing up the flat with a tree branch. i destroyed one of our voodoo runners.

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