Wednesday, 4 October 2006


Yes yes yes..we have returned to your screens and stereos. what was only supposed to be a little 2 week break turned into a 4 month holiday. sorry dears.

soo, have a look at these..

1) We have a brand new OLO WEBSITE
where you'll find everything you need..and alot more you could have done without, namely the awful photo section.

2) The 1st OLO Release is now out! we are proud to present..Delifinger & Lionheart's BUMBLE BEE EP! have a listen.

3) OLO RADIO is back! no more 'live' shows, we will now be posting regular PODCASTS to download, or you can SUBSCRIBE to OLO so they automatically appear in itunes as soon as they are posted. clever aye?

more OLO gubbins to follow.

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