Thursday, 12 October 2006


The Olo Radio team are very pleased to announce that our first guest podcaster is..

MR STEVE MASON!! (Ex Beta Band, King Biscuit Time, and now working under the name Black Affair).

one of our personal heroes, he is a man who over the last decade has created some of the most magically original music ever made! sorry..i'll stop all that now. so HERE is 'Black Affair' the EXCLUSIVE mix made especially for Olo Radio. Enjoy!

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HENDO said...

hello steve, Hendo here hope your OK did you get home ok the other night? lisa picked me and tam up about 12.30 from the folk bar. felt rough for the next few days as i caught a chest infection and was laid out for a week.let me know when this new Cds out and i'll give you my thoughs. all the best see you soon No.1 hibby HENDO THE GREAT...........