Saturday, 28 February 2009


* The Fly (Click HERE for full review)..

"The term ‘sweatbox’ was seemingly invented for the Louisiana, but Bristol natives Olo Worms must have emerged from exotic soil, because they look completely comfortable in these feverish conditions. They sound good too – sweeping psychedelic soundscapes recall the likes of Panda Bear, moving between spartan atmospherics and fitful noise-baiting. It’s not easy, but at least it’s interesting."

* Egigs (Click HERE for full review)..

"The current music scene seems to be at saturation point with solo female artists, last year it was the yawn-soul of Duffy and Adele at the forefront and this year it's the turn of electro-girls with Little Boots, Lady GaGa, Ladyhawke and Santogold all making swift progress. However, tonight it's the all about the boys, but not the usual indie landfill that has also been clogging up the charts, it's a treat of an eclectic line-up with three artists all doing something just that little bit different.

With all three sets of equipment on the already compact stage of The Lousiana in Bristol there's not alot of room for the local four-piece that is the multi-instrumented Olo Worms. With a penchant for using household items as instruments, like, ummm, Sellotape, these chaps come across like a lounge-core Hot Chip or a fucked-up Beta Band with cubes of Lemon Jelly thrown into the pudding, ie. thoroughly enjoyable, if a bit daft. After set-closer 'The Barbershop' (complete with accompanying electric razor) someone in the crowd is heard to say "What the hell was that?". I'm sure the Olo Worms would have been happy with that response."

* Twodrinksolution blog

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