Sunday, 1 March 2009



The Croft, Bristol
Chocolate Surprize! with 4 Or 5 Magicians, Ice, Sea, Dead People, Internet Forever, The Hysterical Injury & Poppy & Zac

HJ writes..

More disorganised than Mark's cat grooming timetable was last week's Chocolate Surprize gig! A day/night event with 6 bands in total. It was our first gig at The Croft, i used to hate the place, now i kinda like it. I saw it in a different light that night. We ended up going on 2nd at 6pm. We had a few people watching on who at the end of each song created some of that lovely deadly silence we've grown to love. The silence always makes me say the stupid you really want that!? In future clap for NO, hands in pants for YES. I kind of enjoyed myself during this gig, there was no pressure at all. I think the others were a little down about it. They worry too much, ha! i can say that now. I worry MUCH more before we play. I did a little impression of Marvin Gaye's dad shooting Marvin but i don't think anyone noticed. The visuals were projected BIG! Hopefully we'll have some new one's for next time..gotta keep it FRESH! We're back at The Croft in a month (Chuck Head will update you on that soon).

I caught all the other bands. Quite liked Internet Forever. LOVED Poppy & Zac!! She's got a great voice. I got a bit too excited and shouted out something during her set. I hate people who do that. I'm sure she's gonna go on to do good things. She's quite like our friend Rozi Plain. Fence should snap her up. After we had a good nose around through the records on sale. I forced by Uncle to buy the brilliant SJ Esau album 'Small Vessel'. GL and i stayed on and tried to squeeze the last bit of fun out of a grooling 5 day boozy bender (a la Gazza, Chris Evans, Danny Baker & Five-bellies).

Thanks to A.Jane for some of the photos..

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