Friday, 27 February 2009



Louisiana, Bristol
Supporting Wild Beasts & Napoleon IIIrd.

BB writes..

I was over the moon!!

..when we were asked to play this gig last year. Wild Beasts were my favourite band and made my favourite album of last year. I did worry a little that my love of them might get me into trouble..with them and my own band. I didn't wanna ruin the night for everyone so i was on best behaviour. Best behaviour just means holding back on everything i say, do, think, drink, eat, etc. It's hard work. I end up acting like a zombie with everyone asking me "are you alright?" and " what's the matter" all night. All i can do is just grunt. The flesh eating zombie stage kicks in a few hours later followed by the drunk zombie which is more or less the first stage repeated.

We arrived at the venue while they were soundchecking which was really really great to watch..probably not so good for them to watch us watching them. I probably enjoyed it just as much as the gig. They are an amazing live band. There were a few problems, there always are (we've got use to them now) which meant our soundcheck was about 5 mins long. You can't grumble, let's stumble on!! Straight on! A few friendly(ish) faces watched on as we started the set. Thanks everyone for coming. By the end of the first few songs the room was pretty full. I think it sold out? Our sound now is quite a bit better. Sounds beefed up! Who knows how it went?, it was all over in a flash. I still don't feel ready to have fun on stage..but...i feel fun times maybe ahead! Seems like people enjoyed it and we got some good reviews if that's any use, not sure it is really. I enjoyed doing 'Purple Rain' erm..i mean 'Barber Shop'. I didn't feel myself at the end of the song when i enjoyed a little scream and buzz. Maybe i died on stage?..with a buzzin' razor in hand. I am sooo rock n roll!! It was wierd looking up seeing people were stood there filming me squawking away..ha! the fools! The set ended and we probably recieved our best ever response..before the few claps we got, a man shouted out "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT!!?" Yes!!

The Setlist (colours mean..)
Brand new song (never played live before and not recorded)
New song (not been recorded)
Old re-jigged song

Don't Touch Baby
Are You Girl
The Elastic Waist Band
Flipper (My Cuckoo Crisis)
Tortoise Shell
The Barber Shop

Wild Beasts were really nice chaps. Spoke to them briefly through the night. One of them said we sounded good! He said we were like Excepter (who i really like) so that's good. Although they can be kinda rubbish a good way though. I bullied Hayden from the band into accepting my 'Beansonbread Album of the year' award. You can watch/listen to him accept the award HERE.

Thanks to S.Jensen, A.Jane, L.Pritchard, Minimophotography, Egigs, for the photos..

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