Wednesday, 11 February 2009


i know i'm being finickity, i think it's less powerful, but given that i'm king of procrastination, I complained to dolphin bleeding from the £7 delivery charge. So Ill give it a clean up before the next laptop elastic strap and maybe cut a slit through our Behringer ULTRAVOICE XM8500.

i have 2 raincoats. u look like jude law the robot in 'A.I'. NO shark fin for me at this one, maybe U can have some too if u want? I always find the big clothes out ol' blue settings. I do have the carboard for it (once it's been germainsed). change the bpm on reason. strange????? i will be satrting tomorrrow like a maniac. the MICACHU album, BRILLIANT!! ... 1&index=18

my taxidermist going to that ganggangdance and rubbed out gig on £12 TAXI to the following weekend When we go there this weekend we can ask about the possibility of the kitchen washing up bowl. Add bubble sounds to start of the deli soon-ish. if 'jitter bug' maybe 'flipper' with the printer sounds structure move mambo Italiano sounds onto the 'girl' bank. 'cereal clogging'
'serious clogs' 'take a photograph (of me)' . beano comic painting still (i know what im on about). u should REALLY REALLY see 'fearless freaks'

FA CUP DRAW for..SAMWISTERNOFFYoshinoShigiharaDavidQualtroughMark(McDowell)NatalieBrandweinerLouisaRogersEmilyGarside. a finer click stranded summest pot holed dangman mountain lost via jumpers toe tappin down pore. goyt gigish. I've had various engine managment and water filter lights coming on and off on my ubiquitous bag of stage 'crap' major issue, but its one of those things that will blow up as we're driving past Newcastle. Guaranteed. Should probably list our wives/girls for the evening as well: Gareth: Simon Rass. i don't have a wive in mind. i'll think about who i can impress. last year we had less people and bigger cars and less gear hmmmmm. liars album 'drums not dead' telepathe 'dance mother'. There's a circle forming at the end of my bed is it a right one? 'taken out by someone else' - as in being killed (like an itailian hitman)'shut down, up boy, queen is on the case''intamacey you do mystery i do, boo..intamacey you want mystery fogs who?species slugging it out in the rain
mystery's pain, ..the girl's painfully plain' . I love the little quick rolls, yep, good thinking marthy!!

Its in a bigger room (the yellow room) At the ice palace?
picking simon up from the airport then 'entertaining' him until i'm needed. I need to meet my Simon at temple meads. i dont wanna use a remote. think about jenga + subbuteo new batteries for walkman. can i have the m&m tag team again please? i know im a little drunk, but i think U GUYS ARE GREAT AND I LOVE YOUR WORK! THANKS!! LETS STORM THE PARTY!! When i say Sphinx, i do mean Sphinx. / fun/ dubby / I'll have to scoff my special valentines breakfast (Golden Grahams). posh jackleads lighten up the mood with a haircut..p(h)antastic!

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