Thursday, 16 October 2008


So nearly two weeks has passed since 'Fence Hop' and i think we're ready to talk about it now..well there won't be that much talking, a little typing, not alot though. We're sorry we didn't post anything sooner it's just that it takes time gathering all the photos off people and gathering thoughts when this writer's brain is a bit fried. There's also been sickness, illness and misery in the OLO camp (actually just 1 worm was effected by this and i suppose it was his own greedy fault) which has made it hard to sit up straight and engage the ol' noodle pot.

Anyway..the weekend was a complete success we're pleased to tell you!! Everything went as we planned, everyone seemed to have a good time, everyone played really well, things sold out, badges were pinned to boobs, flapjacks were scoffed, booze was thrown about! There was even some dancing! Bad dancing, actually..REALLY bad dancing, but who cares!

We've had such good feedback it's almost certain we'll do another one next year (as long as people want to play again? and we aren't thrown of the label). Bring on HOMEGAME 6! ..then Fence Hop 2!

I think we can say that the 1st outing for OLO offshoots The Gorlkeepers (DF & LH) was a victory for the boys in padded gloves. They played a neat little set of old DF & LH songs off 'The Bumble Bee EP' and brand NEW Gorlkeepers songs. They impressed SW & BB (Women Running Backwards) soo much they stopped their heckling and moved their 2012 release date forward to compete with the Keepers release. See the set list below..

The OLO set at Mother's Ruin on Saturday night was...OK...ha! I think we have different opinions on it. The setlist was the same as the last few gigs. Even though we've only played this set a few times and half of the songs are new and havn't been recorded yet i think we'll be working on changing it to keep it feeling fresh for us (and you i suppose). There will be some OLO Worms news to come soon.

I don't think we'll really go into any more detail about the weekend (mainly cos it's hard to remember and i don't want to point fingers) but if you havn't already, do check out all the photos over on OLO EXTRA as you'll be able to piece it together some kind of overall picture.

You can see some 'Fence Hop' chat and mini reviews by the people on the Beef Board (which is the Fence Records message board) HERE.

We still have some 'Fence Hop' CDs left. So we'll be selling them soon. We'll let you know soon.

You've seen the photos in the post below but WHAT ABOUT THE VIDEOS!! i hear you cry..or maybe not. Well, we have a load of videos which we will at some point edit together and post up. I won't say when as we'll only let you down again. Here's something you can play with now, it's not much but it's quite amusing listening to Lauren Laverne on radio 6music talk about Fence Hop like it's a well known event..

Listen to Lauren Laverne saying 'Fence Hop' and 'Boy O Wonder' HERE.

BIG thanks to everyone who played live and DJ'd..that's..
Pictish Trail, Rozi Plain, Sleeping States, Romanhead, Francois, Hardsparrow, Art Pedro, Boywonder, WiQwar, SJ Esau, Stevie Windows, DJ Sarah Wison, Special Wednesday team, Hairhandhair, & The Gorlkeepers.
...and thanks to everyone who came and watched it all (i'm not gonna list you!).
..oh and thanks to Amanda & Anneliesa for making STUFF!

See you for it again next year maybe?

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