Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Last week we played at Super Special Wednesday 3. There was a bit of a panic at the start when we heard there wasn't a soundman booked. A few 999 calls later they got hold of someone who turned out to be pretty good..and more importantly a nice chap (not that we know what we're on about..with sound..or human personalities). This was gig no.8 i think. There were the usual problems and feedback issues but it was probably one of our better gigs so far. Thanks for coming down if you did. It got hot and sweaty up there in our get-up (and we hardly moved a muscle!). We enjoyed the random drunk couple who stormed in and had a good dance..until we slowed down, i think they went on to watch someone better or drink something better. LH & BB continued the night by wondering round town and through student halls (we were invited!!) in full costume. Below is the set list for those of you that are interested in these sorts of things (i know i used to be). The set was mainly made of of new songs and re-worked old songs. 'Guess Who Garden' and 'Flakes' are the only one's that have remained the same since we started playing live.

Below is the front and back cover of the free cd (designed by Special Wednesday) that was given out on the night. It contained 2 mixes, one from the Special Wednesday team and one from team OLO. We'll be podcasting the mixes soon.

Below are only about 5% of all the photos..there was alot of papping! You can see them all over at OLO EXTRA. Thanks to S.Jensen, A.Dimond, M.Jones and anyone else who took pics and let us use them (even if we havn't told you). Thanks also to the whole Special Wednesday team for putting on the night and asking us to play. Does this post all sound a bit wet?

CLICK HERE to see set of photos no.1
CLICK HERE to see set of photos no.2
CLICK HERE to see set of photos no.3
CLICK HERE to see set of photos no.4

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