Friday, 3 October 2008


Below is the artwork for the Fence Hop sampler CD we'll be selling tomorrow at the Scout Hut and (maybe) at Mother's Ruin. £4 is the charge. There will only be 35 copies (all numbered). The CD features all the Fence acts who are performing over the weekend. All money will go to the people involved (apart from us, we're good like that). Not sure at this stage whether it'll be available again so pick one up while you can.

The CD contains the first ever Gorlkeepers recording which is called 'Not Quite Over Yet'! In case you don't know The Gorlkeppers are 1/2 of OLO Worms (DF & LH). The CD also contains our cover of Frank Zappa's 'What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?' which we've played live a few times.

Below are a few examples of some NEW OLO badges!! WOW! Exciting times! There will be more than this. SW and Pouss are on the case as i type.

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