Tuesday, 25 September 2007


I'm still not sure why?..but about a month or so ago i was asked a few questions for a Greek Fashion/Arts/Music magazine called Velvet. Hmmm Odd. Anyway it's out now (in Greece) and yes, it's all written in Greek. I lost all my knowledge of the Greek language after the accident so i asked the writer to translate it. Unfortunately the feature is called 'Myspace whore' That's no fair! Below is the magazine cover, index (where i can be seen with an orange lolly) and the interview..along with a close up of Kaabooboo. Under the scans are the translated questions and answers. She wouldn't translate the opening paragragh, she said: "i really don't like the way words and meanings change from one language to another, it's a very personal thing. it's palyfull and positive though :)"
PALYFULL..i like the sound of that.

VELVET: What is your most cherished musical memory?

BB: Watching Fergal Sharkey on ‘Top Of The Pops’ when I was tiny. My dad tells me I used to go nuts whenever he came on the TV. I’d start jumping up and down on the sofa and singing. I remember he always performed on ridiculously big stages with over the top lighting. “A good heart these days is hard to find!!” What a guy!

V: How would you define beauty (I mean your own, personal definition)?

BB: A hot chick dressed as a hot dog with a pepperoni face handing out free samples.

V: Who or what has been the greatest inspiration to you so far?

BB: Being painfully average

V: As a child what scared you the most, and what is now your greatest fear?

BB: That wolf in ‘Pinocchio’. I couldn’t have the book in the same room as me. When I was young i used to have nightmares most nights about wolf’s chasing me, most of the time around garden centers. Now my fears are sharks (Jaws in particular), having my death recorded and stuck up on youtube, swimming pools, Ian Brown’s song ‘F.E.A.R’, paramedics*, really happy people, a fisherman’s pie*, walking around outdoors.

V: What is the most obscene thing you have heard about yourself?

BB: That I eat out of rubbish bins, that I don’t respect the law, that I don’t look both ways when crossing the road.

V: What is your favorite place in the world and why?

BB: I have two favourite places..
1. Tokyo! They have beer vending machines on the street. The people seemed to actually like me over there, they said I looked like Prince William and the Hobbit. They treat you so well over there, not like this bloody country!
2. Hartham (In my home town Hertford). A park I used to walk my dog every day. Nearly every idea I’ve ever had was born there. I miss that place.

V: What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

BB: HP Beans

V: What is the greatest advice someone has ever given to you?

BB: “Live & Let Die” – Paul McCartney


V: What’s the most beautiful lyric you’ve ever heard?

BB: “In dreams I walk with you, in dreams I talk to you, in dreams you’re mine, all the time, we’re together in dreams, in dreeeeeeams” – Roy Orbison

V: What has been your most memorable performance since you were a kid?

BB: OLO Worms have only played one gig so far which I was banned from performing by the other members and their girlfriends, so I havn’t actually performed any music live yet. I have done a lot of performance art over the years (mainly on Saturday nights in town centers). I remember one where I was dragged up to announce a band in a pub but ended up giving a long speech about flowers to a confused crowd of rock n’ rollers.

V: What would your idea of heaven be?

BB: A cartoon world where I don’t have to pay any bills.

V: Could you name some things that define your work?

BB: Hundred’s of cardboard boxes full of stuff with different coloured labels with words like ‘THINGS I CAN’T EXPLAIN’ written on them.

V: Can you describe yourself in three words?

BB: Head, Body, Hand (full of more cut-up newspaper words)

V: What do you believe is the most challenging element about making music?

BB: Lionheart, Delifinger, Seaweed (in that order)

V: What would you call your autobiography?

BB: Crumbola Dreams

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