Friday, 14 September 2007


A few days ago we were invited to give a radio interview for BBC Bristol. The edited interview will go out soon-ish, we'll let you know when that is. Topics included 'Carry On' films, Mr Slush Puppy, foam parties, and Delifinger's flakes of skin. Bet you can't wait! Below are some pics from our time at the B.B.C!

V.I.P passes that got us EVERYWHERE!! the waiting room and the Andi Peters broom cupboard were the main hangouts..

I wore my OLO Radio cap to show BBC Radio that the BIG BOYS were in the building!!..

Another OLO cap, this one modelled by Seaweed..

Interviewer Kate 'THIS IS THE NEEEWS!" Salisbury quite relaxed before we started talking..

We are a very political band, we stand for/by political vans. If you look closely you will see that Delifinger is wearing sandles..will the toe ever get better??..

What's this!?? A worm of some sort. It was found on Seaweed's jacket after we had left the interview. This was shocking! I doubt we'll return to the Beeb again..we're all very dissapointed with them..

I found another worm in our house later, this was a nice friendly worm..not like that nasty dirty thing that attacked Seaweed in the studio (not Kate, the worm)..

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