Sunday, 9 September 2007


Safetyword think i look like Heinrich Heine. Below is an example of his writing. It does very much sound like something i would write don't you think?

Heinrich Heine > "Ah, God's derision weighs down heavily upon me. The great author of the universe, the Aristophanes of heaven, wished to demonstrate strikingly to the lowly, earthly, so-called German Aristophanes how my wittiest sarcasms were nothing but miserable mockery compared with his own, and how pathetically inferior I am in terms of humour to his colossal merry-making. Terrible indeed is the slop bucket of derision emptied over me by the master, and horrifyingly cruel his amusement. I humbly admit his superiority and bend down before him in the dust. But though I lack such supreme creative power, there is within my mind the spark of eternal reason, and I may even haul before its forum this divine derision and subject it to reverential criticism. And I would dare to suggest most subserviently that I feel this cruel joke which the master inflicts on his poor student is lasting rather too long; it has already lasted over six years, and it is becoming positively tedious. For I would also like to permit myself the humble observation that this joke is not new and that the great Aristophanes of heaven has already used it on another occasion, thus plagiarising his very self."

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