Monday, 6 March 2006


OK! so the first thing we did was to set up an on-line radio show (we would have gone straight onto radio 1 but we thought we'd start smaller and give jk and joel a bit of a longer run at it..they really are good lads!).

we broadcast live from inside a matchbox..which i named..'the matchbox' every weds, sometimes 7-9pm, sometimes 9-11pm..depends on my mood swings. i enjoy doing it. think the other worms do too. we try and play a mix of exciting new music and old dusty stuff. we DON'T DO chat! we are'nt funny enough, so it's not worth it. you sound like an idiot if u are just reeling off a list of song titles and thoughts on Captain Beefheart lyrics..i'm not pointing at anyone in particular (DROWNED IN SOUND!..u did'nt see that ok?). i'd like to get more peeps on doing live sessions and stuff for us in the future. most weeks we have guest 'dj's' who force their poor taste on us and our loyal 6 listeners. it's wierd cos we know how many people are listening live (i dont look too much cos its depressing) but we don't know how many people download it every week? probably 7.

there's no real plan for Olo Radio, well maybe a gold disc on one of the walls in the matchbox. oh yeah..I would like to thank Les Bell *cough* "arsehole!" and all at Old Jock Radio for giving this balloon the idea to start it up. thats enough for now.

So, this week's show..

you can now download and listen again to weds OLO RADIO show. includes new music from..Dr Octagon, Battles, Mogwai, Fiery Furnaces, Mystery Jets, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tapes N Tapes, and Olo's very own..Delifinger!

we were also lucky enough to receive a great little mix from the mighty JAMES YORKSTON!! tracklisting below (click to enlarge)..

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