Tuesday, 7 March 2006


Introducing Olo worm member no.2 delifinger. He makes sandwiches for a living and is fed up with the demands of olo radio getting in the way. He sits at home waiting for Boonbeans to bark orders at him over MSN. His 6 years of musical experimentation have all culminated in 1 track about a pet wasp, but he carries on wasting his time regardlessly. His role in the worms is mostly to get technical with internet pipes, and making sense of the ramblings that spill from Boonbeans' idiotic brain turning them into real things that work (a bit). Basically he is the geeky one with basic html skills and a grade 1 in guitar. He is only in Olo worms for the chicks and is quoted as saying 'im only in olo worms for the chicks' but he doesnt meet many because boonbeans doesnt let him out of the matchbox.

You can hear Delifingers delicate disco every week on Olo Radio........ 10 minutes jampacked with fiddlins and softbits

Oh and Boonbeans will probably shout at me for doing this wrong...bugger.

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