Wednesday, 15 March 2006

OLO RADIO (15th March)

Pow! Biff! Woo!..Olo!! top pop bumper pack tonight ladies and gents.

3 Olo Radio shows for the price of 1! don't worry, that does'nt mean 6 hours! like most of the special offers in the supermarket, it's a scam..extra shiney wrapper, same old goo inside. there will be 3 one hour long shows spread out over the evening starting from 7pm.

what tasty goo though! they'll be tons of new music..some of which has'nt even been made yet! , delifinger's 'delicate disco', lionheart's 'siga mi trompa' mini mix, hairhandhair's brutal flip flops stompin' all over the park, but best of all..we have an EXCLUSIVE mix from MINOTAUR SHOCK!

oh, and another thing..we've upped the sound quality, so it should sound less computereeee and more like we're singing in your ear.

TUNE IN - weds 15th march (today) at 7pm > ? (it'll go on as long as it takes to finish the multi-pack)

MSN IN insults and poems -

later pop fans


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