Monday, 6 March 2006


Introducing Olo Worm member No.1.. Boonbeans! (sometimes HairHandHair, sometimes Pigeon, sometimes Dr Rath, sometimes Onion Rings, sometimes Pizza Baby, sometimes Mannequin Hair, always plain-old James JJ Hankins with a strange need to create stupid names to go under). He has NO musical bones in his body, attempting to make music should be interesting. He paints, doodles, plans (does'nt make) films, cuts n glues, drinks, and bullys the other Olo members. oh, can i just point far as i'm concerned this whole thing is a stupid idea..i'm just covering myself now. COME ON LADS!! knees up, knees up!

here's Delifinger (15 mins ago on MSN) trying to explain why all future Olo recordings are doomed!..

delifinger says: (9:42:40 pm)
you want electric guitar like slash or foo fighters? no only joking, yes its hard to record an acoustic guitar with a cheap mic and make it not sound crap. its always really dull flat sounding

Boonbeans says: (9:42:52 pm)

Boonbeans says: (9:42:57 pm)

Boonbeans says: (9:43:07 pm)
u=brain may

BRAIN MAY, all brains n hair.


dub said...

boonbeans is the brain

Bag O' Meat said...

Then we're all doomed...