Thursday, 7 January 2010


ON THE REEEAL RADIO!!!! As you can see from the tracklist below our new single 'Back From England' got played on Marc Riley's 6Music show last night. Check us out rubbing shoulders with Nick Cave & Radiohead..

JH: Bit of a shock! I spat my tea out over the radio when i heard it. I think we are gonna retire now, it's been a long career. I like the way Marc Riley cocks it up when introducing it, it just adds to the phoney drama of the song. On the digital radio they spelt us as 'Hollow Worms' which is nice, it's better than 'Old Worm' which we've had before.

So yeah that means you can listen to our single 'Back From England' IN FULL now if u like? It's up on the BBC iplayer for 7 days.

Listen to 'Back From England' on the Marc Riley 6Music show HERE.
(4th song in)

Hope you like it, if you don't..good news, the rest of our new stuff doesn't sound anything like it.

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