Thursday, 14 January 2010

DEAR DIARY (Jan Part 1)

Dear Diary,

Pretty pretty good start to the year..or decade if you like! 3 radio plays in a week! We're glowing.

We've got a few people currently working on 'Back From England' remixes which hopefully will emerge soon-ish.

We are looking forward to the new TV show we're gonna make. It's called "Ol' Boozey".
Think 'Last Of The Summer Wine' meets 'Postman Pat' meets 'Keeping Up Appearances' - a sure fire HIT! JH will play the lead role.

Practice sessions are going well. We have constructed a new setlist. SPHINX RETURNS!!

Our vinyl arrived safe! Having it our hands feels rather special.

MH recently made a grimey dusty beat called 'K9' - It's amazing!

We've saved the best news til last. JH spoke to Lard (Marc Riley) the other day and has confirmed a 6 Music live radio session in March! ..Mustn't grumble (sorry we couldn't resist).

OLO Worms

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