Wednesday, 29 July 2009

DEAR DIARY (July Part 2)

(Updates from the last 9 days)

Dear Diary,


'Back From England' lyrics nearly done. "...not fans of the durge...from ENGLAND!". We're playing around with the 'Strays' loop. sounds much better. matt's got a cricket ball in 1 hand and a laptop in the other. Good recording session tonight. 'Strays' has taken a new turn. Banjo sound? & . we have been asked to do a German interview. our manager Chuck Head is in talks to get us a fitness DVD out in time for christmas. all dayer tomorrow..recording, filming, photos, directors commentary, drinks, pizza, drinks, dancing, freeze puppy launch, drinks, sleep. we filmed the Gorlkeepers video and did the directors commentary for our HG live set. 1 of these was good, the other awful! then we went to the Freeze Puppy launch which was awesome. then Boonbeans lost his pizza and his mind. wow!! 'Neutral Zones' has taken off (like a swarm of wasps) and is now a 8min epic!! its BIG!! (does actually include wasps). OLO meeting over. sooo many things needed sorting out. vans, comics, dj software, socks.


OLO Worms

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