Thursday, 9 July 2009


BB has a new blog, he writes:

I'm gonna be treating Beansonbread mainly as my personal blog from now on (what colour pants i'm wearing, how many hairs i have on my chest, what i'm doing next know, that kinda thing). I'll still be posting up the odd reference to the outside world on there from time to time but most of the time i'll be using my other NEW blog for that kind of thing. BEAN BURNER is my new blog! So on Bean Burner i'll be posting anything that interests me outside my own life (i know that's hard to imagine). It's where i'll be posting stuff that's currently on my radar. New music, old music, mixes, videos, films, TV, websites, etc. Anything that's moving me in some way. I'll be posting on a daily basis over there so refresh me!

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