Wednesday, 15 July 2009

DEAR DIARY (July Part 1)

From now on we'll be keeping you more up to date with things going on, especially news on the writing/recording of the new material. We've kicked off again this month. These updates will mainly come from HJ's poorly written Twitter feed. The others are scared of mixing with other cyborgs. Check out HJ's Twitter & OLO on Facebook).


OLO Worms will be playing at a special event to celebrate William Burroughs 'Naked Lunch'. date TBC. i need to read it, loved the film.

woooohoooo! Worms gonna be DJing at Green Man Festival! just got the dates through for the confirmed OLO TOUR in august!!

OLO recording session under way. trying to install the new nano pads onto the laptop. cups of tea drank through puzzled mouths. yeah got the nano pads working! playing around with 'Sphinx' sounds. might try and do a REALLY rough demo.

recording session underway.we've re-camped into the living room and straight away we feel better! this is the way forward. neutral zone. WOW! NEW song within 20mins! gonna give it a name in a bit. we've taken marks electronic drums apart and its all hand held drums. its cosmic! OLO session going well. 3 new songs! 2 sound something off 'Mwng'. Matt's having 'veg bread'. Gareth will be back soon to add fuzz. another new song 'Sleep is your dessert'. thats 4 new one's created today. recording demos on tuesday. turns out 4th worm G.Jones has made a song too (while away in Devon). 5 alive!! just counted..we now have 22 songs to record for the OLO album. i'm guessing 2 of the 20 will make it onto the record. U know what..i did say 22 songs to record, make that 44! been watching loads of our demo vids and there's soo much to work with!

we've just come up with an interesting way to get new demos out to people. go round their houses and kick the door down and force them down the throats!!!!! ..there's a plan B (which we'll use).

OLO session underway. OH BOY! LH: "here's a sample i just made" it's summer! this sounds amazing!! look up S&TFS 'if this room could talk'. another new song started tonight..working title 'Dino Freak'. 'Curves' has been worked on and sounds magnificent!

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