Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Slow news week in the Venue office was it?

The new Venue Magazine hit the shops today. Turn to page 50 to see our DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD! ha! Who would have thought!? I'm pissed off Lionheart got the BIG quote, i was hoping my comments about Fortune Drive's jeans would be chosen. For those who can't afford to buy it (like me..well i did but that did mean i went without my pasty today!) we've scaned it in (click to enlarge)..

Nice Peaches! ga..pah! yeah whatever!

..And if all that wasn't enough, while flicking through the mag i stumbled across the 'I Saw You' page. It looks like Lionheart & Seaweed have some secret admirers.
BB maybe??..

DF maybe??..

Look out for us next week as we'll be guest editing Mechanix Illustrated!


Anonymous said...

congratulations guys - what a blast!


Gleck said...

nice one lads,
i wouldn't want to be Tom J C in the comment below, oh by the way, you have a 14 year old son, nice