Friday, 24 August 2007


Today we re-launch our debut mini album Bare Foot. On a friday?? yep! Friday afternoon is the new monday morning, just don't tell HMV.

It was orignally released on Fence Records back in June. You can now get ya mitts on it by going through the front door of our website and placing an order which we will process (in our office) and then send out to you 1st class! The album artwork is currently in production (you don't think we'd use that photo do you?). There are two options when ordering..

1) Regular Album (printed artwork in a plastic wallet) - £5

2) Handmade Album* & Lucky Dip** (hand painted artwork on card) - £8
* Only 25 handmade albums will be made.
** Lucky Dip prizes are secret. They could be's a tombola!

"The album drifts along with all the unquestioned sense of a surreal's a huge, slow-dawning success" - Venue Magazine

"Bare Foot always jumps back to surprize you with a sunrise, illuminating it's on way, travelling everywhere you want to go but always forgot to ask" - Drunken Werewolf Magazine

"This album is excellent!" - SJ Esau

Here are the full reviews (Venue / Werewolf).

We understand no one actually buys music anymore (including us) but just think..if you give us your money, we can build bigger and better instruments and take on the big boys.


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