Saturday, 18 August 2007


Boonbeans, Lionheart & friends took the big bus down to Victoria Park, London for the Field Day Festival. We enjoyed the toilet queue, the beer queue, the burger queue, and the queue to punch the soundman. We caught Caribou, Battles, Justice, Fridge, Gruff Rhys, Adem, The Aliens, The Earlies, Fanfarlo, & our good friends..The Fence Collective. Bit annoyed we missed Bat For Lashes, Archie Bronson Outfit, and Liars. We ended up going to some club for a Fence DANCE-OFF! Lionheart threw a big strop on the walk home cos he was missing 'proper food' and his bed. ha! Here's some pics..


Yorkston, Pictish, Creosote..

Robin Allender..

Spazzy Bystander..

Lone Pigeon's doodle..

Justice / Jesus Christ..

King Creosote..

Thanks to Jimtendo and Corker for the photos.

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