Friday, 27 August 2010

HOOOPS - MIX - BOONBEANS 01 - SOLO - 25/8/10

We're only posting this one here because it's the first Hooop. We might post future one's if they are related to OLO. For all future Hooops visit HERE.

Hooop Mix - Boonbeans 01 - ‘Solo’ - 25/8/10 (Recorded Live)

‘Gone Solo’


Justin Bieber - 'U Smile (Shamantis 800% Slower Mix)'
These New Puritans - '5'
Mount Kimbie - 'Maybes'
Untold - 'Stop What You're Doing (James Blake Remix)'
Jai Paul - 'BTSTU'
The Beatles - 'Nowhere Man'

Hooops website

The mixes will be going out live on Ustream. I did a little drawing for the first one which u can watch back if u want. It might be better watching it over on Ustream as this blog cuts off some of the video and there's no other smaller embedded code.

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