Monday, 23 August 2010


JH: "It hasn't really sunk in yet but just over a week ago we supported Steve Mason in Bristol. You can have a look at the photos above. Steve Mason was a bit of a hero of mine growing up so it was a big deal when we got asked to do it. I won't go on anymore about him as it's embarrassing, i'll keep it to myself. I was soo pleased it all went really well. It was probably our best gig we've ever played. It felt like everything clicked into place. We had the Pink Panther theme as intro music that we walked onto, it really put me at ease. We got a really great review in Venue magazine which you can read HERE.


Are You Girl?
Back From England
Whacked By Pillow
She's On My Corpse

We won't be playing live again now til we have something recorded. We really need to focus on recording. We have soo much to do."

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