Thursday, 11 March 2010



JH here. Hi, how are you? Ahh that's nice / sorry to hear about that.

I'm writing from MH's Pineapple Cottage (which is just behind the Pineapple dance studio thats been on the TV recently). Anyway, i had planned to blog all the recent stuff that we've doing/plan to do/etc...but guess what? I ran out of time, i nearly missed my megabus. I burnt a cd full of our crap to bring here only for it not to work on the computer (a PC/mac problem i think). So this is all your getting til next week. I'll quickly round up what's what with a simple list. A blog without pictures is depressing isn't it? We'll make up for it next week. So here is the news..

> Fence Homegame 2010.
We play the Fence Collective Homegame this weekend in Fife, Scotland (our 4th Homegame!). We are on at 7pm on Friday 12th March in the Anstruther Town Hall.
We are also recording a few acoustic songs for the BBC in a caravan!
(JH & MH are also doing the visuals for Silver Columns on Saturday night).
You can see the full line-up and times HERE.

> 6Music Marc Riley Live Session.
We are doing a live session for Marc Riley at 7pm on Mon 22nd March.
We'll be recording 4 live songs (3 you'll hear live) and 'chatting'.
Listen in live on the day HERE.

> 'Back From England' Digital Bundle.
We'll be giving out our new 'digital bundle' some time soon. This will feature an mp3 of our single 'Back From England', 7 remixes of the song, artwork, and OLO extras.

> Myspace.
We've stuck up 'Back From England' & 'The Elastic Waste Band' on Myspace now for you to check out if you want. We've also added some other tracks from 'Bare Foot' and a few other bits.

> Recording.
It's going slowly, but we are recording tracks that will appear on our album. We might put some of these online in the coming weeks, maybe not? Who knows?

> King Creosote Support Slot.
We are playing with our boss King Creosote at the Louisiana, Bristol on April 9th.

> OLO Radio.
There have been two new podcasts made recently. Check them out HERE.

OK, well, the others are all tucked up in bed now with their ladies, i'm gonna settle down on the cold hard floor. We're off early in the morning to Scotland. An 8 hour drive. As i said i'll get on the case when i get back and get this blog back to normal.

See ya!

JH (and Sleeping Worms)

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