Tuesday, 30 March 2010


THURS 10th > WEDS 17th MARCH 2010

Fence Collective Homegame Festival
Anstruther, Scotland
Featuring The Fence Collective & many other bands/singers.

JH writes:

This was probably my favourite Homegame ever! Major fun was had. Everything about it was perfect. Sooo many musical highlights, i pretty much loved everything i saw. I won't pick anyone out, i can't! It's too hard. I'm not being wet it's just it seems wrong to choose one act other the whole lot that played. We played alright i think. I really enjoyed the set, i loved the way my hair and coat swung around..and now i stand up!!

I don't even wanna start writing anymore about what happened at the festival it cos i think it's better you check out the photos. The photos are jumbled up a bit. To be completely honest i couldn't be bothered to spend hours and hours sorting them this year. All the days mash into one anyway. We have decided not to do a Homegame video this year as we've done them for the last 3 years and feel that it'll be boring to do another similar one. Plus the clips we have aren't as good as past years, i think we were enjoying ourselves too much to worry about getting the camera out. There's gonna be a Homegame film (i'm not sure how big a production it'll be) so we'll be submitting the stuff we did film to that, i'm sure they'll put it to better use. There are soooo many great photos floating about online, alot are just on facebook which i guess you can't see. I'll link you up with some good sets below.

Below are all the HG7 links.

THE OLO PHOTOS (Click to see ALL our HG7 photos)

A few more photos taken by Hector Binmouth..


Back From England
Whacked By Pillow
The Barber Shop

OLO WORMS (Monday night acoustic set)

Back From England
Whacked By Pillow
The Barber Shop

The only review that exists is this one..

"Next up are Bristol’s OLO Worms (7pm). "Did you understand OLO Worms?" Fence’s Johnny Lynch asks the crowd after their set. "Did you understand OLO Worms?" I’m not sure that I did – but at least their brand of noise experimentation was constructed on top of some genuinely funky rhythm section work and their art video projection was always interesting. A bit Sly And Robbie meets the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. And it’s the first time I’ve ever seen brown parcel tape used as a percussion device." - The Herald

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